New Year New Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone!!

The fact that it is 2019 blows my mind. How about you?

I’m sure someone out there thought by 2020 we would all be in flying cars like the Jetsons.

My graduating class has started talks of our 20th high school reunion this year.😳

I just refuse to believe I am that old.

Anyway, I wanted to share what is on my heart for this new year and some funny pics of our New Year’s Eve. For some reason every year Alexa and I go nuts with Snapchat filters. Tradition, I guess! Ha!!

Also, I have a Christmas recap that will be out to you soon. We had a great December, and I also give you guys a little background into why you haven’t heard from us on the blog all December.

If you follow us on social media, hopefully you enjoyed our elves and all the fun Christmas activities we participated in.

Ok…about the new year.

Our sermon on Sunday was on Isaiah’s vision. Basically, he has a vision of God sitting on a throne in a temple.

There are angels declaring God Holy, Holy, Holy and Isaiah is able to see just how sinful he is while in the presence of the Lord. However, his guilt is removed and his sin is atoned for.

The Lord asks “Who will go for us?” Isaiah replies that he will go.(After all the Christmas ornaments were off the tree, I left the lights for a day or two to enjoy at the beginning of the new year. I think this will be a new tradition.)

The question that was proposed to us was what has God asked you to go and do?

If you are a Christian, your sin is forgiven and you are filled with the Holy Spirit.

We are all asked to go and share the good news which is that Jesus loves you so much that he died on the cross for your sin so that you can live in Heaven with Him.

Our pastor said everyone is asked to go.

We aren’t asked to go to church, we are asked to go into the world.

We aren’t asked to serve only each other but the world.

It made me think about what is my mission here?

What plan does God have for me?

At a time when we are making resolutions and goals, I thought what if we all began to pray for God to reveal his mission for us?

What if in those resolutions I committed to volunteer in my community?

What if I spent my time planning how I could spread more good news?

I watched a video once by Tim Tebow where he said that people always say to him that they don’t know what God wants them to do.

He said he didn’t know what God wanted you to do either (ha!) but to just get out there and do something. Do something that helps others and he felt sure God would lead you in the right direction. (I’m paraphrasing…but that’s what I got out of it.)

I think this is good advise!

Get out there and do something and pray God will lead us in the right direction.

Let’s face it…I have decided God isn’t going to come to me in a dream or a burning bush or words spoken aloud for my ears to hear.

Even though that would be awesome!

I have to put in some effort.

Get out there and do some good.

Really pray for God to guide my path and that He would move through me.(I needed a lot of coffee New Year’s Day! 😴)

He asks us to be the hands and feet of Him.

If you think about it that way, what have His hands and feet been doing lately?😏(We started 2019 off with very warm weather! So outside we went.)

So…that’s the plan.…to do something!

The hubs and I have talked budget, diet, and exercise, and I plan to keep those because they are important. But I’m excited to see what God has in store for 2019.

(Gorgeous sunset provided by your Heavenly Father. ❤️)

Happy 2019, friends! 🥳

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