Where did November go?

I can’t believe it is Thanksgiving week! Seriously…it’s shocking to me.

I got my Halloween decor down as fast as I could so that I could enjoy some Thanksgiving/non-scary fall things before the craziness of Christmas begins.

I absolutely LOVE everything about Christmas, but I hate that Thanksgiving seems to be skipped.

Don’t you think that it is so perfect that we have a holiday solely about being Thankful before we celebrate the most amazing gift the world has ever been given – the birth of the savior?

If we skip the thankfulness, can we fully appreciate all the love that giving brings during Christmas?

Anyway, we’ll chat more about that during December. I just wanted to mention why I want to celebrate Thanksgiving fully.

I asked for some traditions that others are doing for Thanksgiving.

I have noticed several people are having Friendsgiving. This is the best!

Friends are so important in our lives. Chosen family, I prefer.

Our church hosted a Friendsgiving through our women’s ministry. We all brought a dish and there were prizes and fun games! We even played Friendly Feud which was a crowd favorite.

The woman’s outreach at this church is the main reason we began attending. In my experience, it is the women who volunteer for the children’s classes or nursery on Sunday.

If your kid is sick you stay home.

If the baby is crying, you are the one sitting in the hall with them.

I think it is wonderful that they try to etch out this time for the women of the church to come together, get to know each other, and fellowship.

They have had testify nights where women of all ages and backgrounds from within the church have spoken about their walk with Christ too. It has been some of the most special times for me there.

Another activity a friend of mine mentioned is that every night they are writing on a pumpkin what they are thankful for. By Thanksgiving it will be covered in thankfulness! Sweet idea.

I have mentioned before on my social media account that in the past I have kept a blessings jar. For an entire year I would write little blessings on pieces of paper and stick them in the jar.

At the end of the year, it was wonderful to so easily read those pieces and see so many things God had done for us over the year.

So for the last week, I have encouraged Chad and Alexa to do the same. On Thanksgiving Day we are going to read over them during our long drive to Alabama.

Tonight we are going for dinner at the Taylor’s house for a little pre-Thanksgiving celebration. Jodi was my first friend in Richmond Hill, and I don’t know what I would have done over this past year without her friendship.

She has seen me through one of my hardest seasons in life without even knowing me very long. It would have been easy to say that being a friend to someone dealing with so much was too much to take on. It hasn’t been an easy year for her family either. But instead, she stepped up and has become a cherished friend to me.

I am slowly taking down my Thanksgiving decor because I know on our return from visiting family we will be in full swing for Christmas.

But I want to offer a final thought tonight on Thanksgiving.

Being thankful is a choice.

It requires acknowledgement of the things you have.

It requires you to value those things in your life.

And it requires you to decide to show appreciation for them.

We all know the saying “the grass is always greener on the other side” but how about “if the grass is greener on the other side, there is probably manure there.”

During this Thanksgiving season, choose to see all the blessings God has given you. Give thanks for those things.

And I encourage you to spread that thankful feeling through generosity and kindness.

We all have something we can give whether it is our money, our time, or simply a kind word.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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