Goodbye Halloween…Hello November!

I promised you all a special Halloween post, and I intended for it to go up on the Thursday after Halloween. However, life isn’t always what you expect, and Halloween took its toll on this mama. We’re going to rely on the old saying “better late than never” and just let it be.

I love the last quarter of the year! That sounds weird, I know – last quarter. However, my birthday is in September, and we are big college football fans as well. So for us the fun begins in September and continues straight through Christmas. (My spiderwebbed chandelier)

I love traditions!! For every event or holiday our family celebrates I have a short list of things that must happen. In October, we always visit a pumpkin patch, carve a pumpkin, and go trick-or-treating. (There are always festive outfits involved too.)

In every place we have lived, I have found one particular farm I loved. We always go back to it for the pumpkin patch and games every year. (It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!)

I love the height chart signs they put up so you can take your kid’s picture year after year and see how much they have grown. 💕 When you move often you obviously can’t visit the same one year after year, but I still love the sentiment!!

If you’re in an area where Farms and pumpkin patches aren’t easily accessible to you, I would suggest planning a trip one year! They can be a lot of fun, and I have found the smaller, less commercialized ones are better.(This corn maze had a bingo game to play as you went through. Alexa got really into it!)

My kids always like the hay ride, corn maze, and face painting. When we lived in Mississippi the farm we went to had pig races! (Afton rides in the stroller through the corn maze!)

Last year we visited a farm here in Georgia that had a rotten tomato sling shot. Like I said, the more simple = more fun sometimes. (This one had a cow train. Afton refused to ride with Alexa. She was upset about it, so Chad jumped in one as well. His knees were scrunched to his chest, and I got a good laugh. I told Alexa that is true love.)

Pumpkin carving for us has changed over the years too. We started off painting pumpkins. Then we all wanted to carve one, but carving is a lot of work!! For this year, we let Alexa pick a pumpkin and the carving design. The idea was that Chad would clean it out, and Alexa would do the carving. But like I said…it is hard work! She gave up and Chad finished it. Oh, well! Maybe next year. (Finished product!)

I had planned for us to have some fun themed food on the eve of Halloween and to watch a Halloween movie or two. Sometimes Halloween night is so chaotic you don’t really enjoy time together.

Life doesn’t always go as planned though and Tuesday morning before Halloween we woke up to Afton having a seizure. Thankfully, Chad was home. He was able to call into work, walk Alexa to school, and spend the day with us.

When her seizure is over she is unconscious. We administer a medicine to prevent a cluster of seizures to occur and put a call into her neurologist. Usually, she will wake up about 30 minutes to an hour later. (I’m working on a project with these frames which is why four out of the five are empty.)

She’s usually sick when she wakes up and then goes to sleep for about four hours. After that, she is starving (understandable) and grumpy (also understandable). Needless to say, it throws off your entire day. It was early evening before I sadly realized I hadn’t prepared any food for our movie night. My sweet husband said “we have to be normal” and ran to the store. He came home with some fall colored cupcakes. We all piled up and watched Transylvania 3.

Halloween morning we were at the neurologist’s office first thing. I was thankful they got us in so quickly! I knew we needed a medication change or we would end up in the ER on Halloween. Have you ever been to the ER on Halloween? I have once…talk about scary. (Another festive outfit!)

After the appointment, I tried to wrap up the day for a normal night. There are some things out of our control, but we try not to let her condition keep us from enjoying activities. We aren’t going to be leaving for a couple’s only weekend, obviously, but we can still do Halloween!

(Afton is obsessed with jumping on the trampoline. She goes out every day multiple times!)

Last year we were new to Richmond Hill, so our friends invited us to trick-or-treat with them. Since we are in our new house this year, we wanted to return the favor.

We made hotdogs for the kids and white chicken chili for the adults. (I’m obsessed with the cute cat plates and witch napkins!! I ordered them from Shop Sweet LuLu’s. I get all my best party decorations from there!!)

I attempted to make mummy dogs for the kids. You wrap crescent rolls around hotdogs so they look like mummies. I saw one on Pinterest where they actually cut arms and legs and I wanted to try those. (Halloween morning we had donuts for breakfast. Might as well indulge the entire day; right!)

I had not allotted myself enough time for the mummy dogs, so I only made four to make sure each kid got one. I would say one out of my four actually looked good. I wish I had a picture, but I forgot. I have a plan to try again next year and maybe roll my crescent dough out thinner.

We had some other fun treats too!

(I called this pumpkin juice – but there was zero pumpkin involved. I couldn’t find the cheese balls anywhere that you see people using for “pumpkin poop”. As I grabbed the bag of cheese puffs I realized they grossly and more closely resembled poop.)

I like for my girls to coordinate in some way, but this year Alexa wanted to either be Katniss from Hunger Games or Hermione from Harry Potter. If Afton would have let me do the makeup and hair, I totally would have made her Effie from the Capitol. I knew she wouldn’t though, and Alexa decided on Hermione.

I had considered seeing if Afton would try to go to the door even if I knew she wouldn’t say trick-or-treat. She is never herself for a day or two after a seizure though, so we got her dressed as her favorite cartoon character Shine from Shimmer and Shine. We have this adorable wagon that looks like a carriage being pulled by a horse. We just let her ride, and in true Afton fashion, she made herself quite comfortable and managed to get plenty of attention for her cuteness. (Head propped on hand, foot hanging out the side! 😂)

We ended the night with a special treat for the older girls and emptied four cans of silly string on them. I think this should be a new tradition- maybe a new prank every year at the end of trick-or-treating.

It was a good night, and Thursday I had all the Halloween things down and put away. (Thursday morning breakfast – post Halloween mess.)

I make it a point to not decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving, but I love the Christmas season so much it is HARD!! I have already begun recording the new Hallmark Christmas movies.

It got me thinking though. I don’t have any Thanksgiving traditions!! (Do your kids and/or hubs leave shoes everywhere? Drives me bonkers.)

What kind of thoughtful or sentimental traditions does your family have? Please leave a comment and maybe we will try out some of your traditions and share them here!!

Happy November, y’all!

5 thoughts on “Goodbye Halloween…Hello November!

  1. Love all the decor!!! So—carving a pumpkin is like a nightmare to me, but this year I bought this thing that attaches to a drill to help clean out the strings and seeds. It was awesome! Made things so much faster. Just as an FYI—maybe for next year.

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