Hello friend…it’s been a while.

Wow! Is it really almost Halloween? We have been so crazy with the move into our Little House in the Hill, time has flown by.

I am excited to begin to feel more settled and get back into a routine, and that means coming here and leaving a little piece of our life every week.💜

I don’t know about you all, but when I let one area of my life go it feels like everything begins to unravel. Before I know it I am aimlessly making my way through the day.

Not just the day, but every day…until I get it together.

It makes me so unproductive, and I get so behind on everything. I guess that is a lack of discipline on my part. I am either carefully planned out or a total mess.

So basically, I’ve been a total mess for a month, and now I’m trying to get it together. Ha!!(Not like this girl…she’s a beauty.)

Today, I start back working out…which I hate, by the way. I would much rather sit in a chair with a good book and a chocolate pie, but that won’t get me back into half the clothes in my closet…ok, more than half.

I have some Halloween decorations up even though we aren’t completely unpacked.

Ok…nowhere near unpacked. 😳

But let’s be honest…I won’t be unpacked for quite a while, and I can’t let the holidays slip by!!

I plan on having lots of cute pics for you all and a special Halloween post. 🎃

I am excited for the kids to be able to trick-or-treat in our new neighborhood. There are kids everywhere, and a lot of our neighbors decorate. It should be fun!!

We are starting our small group back at church this week, and I started hash tagging some of Afton’s pictures again with the #kcnq2.

I began doing that around the time I started the blog. Both were things I felt led to create in order to reach out to other families who might be going through some of the same life happenings.

When Afton turned 3, it was a really difficult time for me. I spent a lot of time praying that God would give me joy. (Not this Joy…)

I have found that when I am using the hashtag, people reach out to me and ask questions. It gives me an opportunity to share her story, offer encouragement and understanding, and it gives me perspective.

Of course, helping others whether through a unique understanding or encouragement brings you joy. But every time I share her story I feel a little bit of healing.

The perspective part is what I couldn’t anticipate. It occurred to me after a few people contacted me that they looked at Afton and had hope their child could turn out as well.

With a KCNQ2 diagnosis you don’t know what to expect. Will they walk, talk, sit up, feed themselves?

With all the struggles we feel like Afton has, we are so blessed. She runs and sings and climbs and eats….man, can she eat some days.(It was nearly impossible to get a good picture for all the goldfish eating!!)

That is perspective. How can you walk around in sorrow for what she can’t do when people are looking at her hoping their child one day will do the things she can?

I have found too that people who don’t have special needs kids or even kids at all can appreciate and feel inspired by our journey.

It is easy to fall into a rut of seeing your glass half empty. But what if we all had the opportunity to walk in each other’s shoes?(I might have bought one very large pumpkin at the farm and my hubs was struggling!)

You might complain that your kids fight all the time. (That would drive me nuts, too.) I would love to hear my kids have an argument. (Only once! 😂)

Just to have Afton express anything verbally in a sentence she didn’t hear on tv or in a book would be amazing!

I want Afton to look at me and say “I love you, mommy.” But another mom just wants her kid to walk around the house – like Afton does.

And maybe you are struggling because your child can’t do anything for themselves. But there are parents who would give anything to be able to do everything for their kid one more time.

We could go on and on.

You hate your job – others want any job.

You’re single (and don’t want to be) – someone is in an awful, abusive relationship.

Joy…it’s a choice. (We know it…we just need to be reminded sometimes.)

And let me say this because it is important!!

When I say to choose joy or gain some perspective, that doesn’t mean whatever you’re walking through isn’t hard!! You hear me?

We are on a different journey for different reasons. Just because someone appears to have it harder than you or to be less fortunate doesn’t mean what you are going through isn’t a challenge.

What I am saying is that no matter the challenge you can still choose joy! You can.

So today, I am tasking myself in the house.

I will work out. 😏

I will love on my kids and pay my husband a little bit more attention.

And I will be preparing a cute-tastic Halloween post for you all to enjoy next week! 👻

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